Operations & Maintenance

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is a prerequisite for its good performance and energy efficiency. Without the necessary maintenance of your unit’s coils, filters, and fins, you are likely to experience a steady and significant decline in the performance of your HVAC system.

At Lineage, we deliver reliable air conditioning repair and maintenance services to both residential and commercial sectors throughout Afghanistan. Our technicians are qualified to service and maintain HVAC systems of all kinds and use high-performance equipment to ensure the optimal efficiency of your unit all year round.

Electrical Wiring and Distribution Systems

Lineage can take your electrical project from the utility to the outlet on the wall. We have experience designing and constructing substations, motor control distribution centers, and all types of electrical control systems.

We have years of experience in engineering and industrial electrical services, programming start up and installation across many industries such as Military Camps, Hospitals, Public Buildings. Our electrical services include complete responsibility of plant electrical design and implementation including power connection, power distribution, and motor control centers. Controls including device I/O, system control centers, computer, and PLC software, startup and debug.

Electric Generators

Without properly performed generator maintenance, residential and commercial generators lose value and reliability. Lineage offers preventive maintenance and repair to ensure your backup power system is ready for the next power outage. Our certified technicians provide generator maintenance contracts, so you get the scheduled service you need and we catch problems before they begin.

We keep your new or existing generator in peak operating condition with our professional residential generator maintenance or commercial generator maintenance contracts. A maintenance agreement with Lineage provides you with priority scheduling and regularly scheduled maintenance visits from our trained mechanics. Routine maintenance enables our technicians to catch small problems and make simple adjustments or perform factory-authorized parts replacement to prevent operational issues later.

Water/Waste Water Treatment Systems

Within the hydraulic infrastructure business sector, Lineage provides engineering, construction, conservation, operation and maintenance services, as well as other highly qualified services resulting from its extensive knowledge of these systems and long-lasting presence on these markets. Its activity is based on the Integral Water Cycle, including collection, treatment, purification and reuse of water, before finally returning it to its natural environment.

Lineage focuses its activity on everything from major infrastructure, such as dams or distribution and irrigation channels, to urban ornamental fountains, as well as water supply systems (drinking water treatment plants, piping), sewerage (waste water treatment plants, collectors, drains, reuse of effluent) and desalination.

Lineage works activity in the sewerage and purification sector: Operation and maintenance as well as infrastructure execution. As with services provided to the supply sector, the first area of activity includes staff management, ordinary and specialized maintenance, system operation, energy management and optimization of consumption, waste management, analytical control, etc.

ICT Infrastructures

Lineage ensures that you continue to focus on your key business issues while we manage, monitor and support your technology infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure support services Portfolio includes:

  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Database Management
  • Security Management
  • IT Service Desk
  • Messaging and System Management
  • Storage and Backup Management