About Us

Lineage Logistic Services (Lineage) is an ISO-9001-2015 Quality Management Certified company created to provide essential management, resources, and expertise necessary in support of the Operation & Maintenance of Critical Infrastructures.

We support contingency operations of Afghanistan in challenging environments and understand well the logistics, safety, security, environmental, and cultural complexities associated with the multifaceted operations. Lineage team has experience staffing more than 300 positions in 11 various provinces throughout Afghanistan including projects that we partnered in international markets.

We apply best-practice management techniques to respond rapidly to changes in mission priorities and personnel requirements, knowing from experience that task orders of this complexity frequently rely heavily upon a refined response capability. This includes taking a calculated and proactive approach to procurement by seeking goods and services from reliable and proven suppliers selected as the best-value to ensure that costs are reasonable and realistic. It also involves effective management of multiple, domestic/international business partners to ensure full transparency and clear communication across the team.

Lineage can meet multi-type logistic and technical requirements and already have an impressive network of pre-identified personnel with the necessary skills and qualification required.